The g[R]ay Boi

The g[R]ay Boi is a collaborative interdisciplinary work examining the complexities of black gay men. Through the lenses of choreography, interactive projections and set design, the work investigates the darkness represented by a combination of confusion, shame, embarrassment and guilt through historical and contemporary victimizations of black men. Referencing collections of personal essays, Fighting Words; public observation of local communities; a collection of research studies and collaboration with local HIV/AIDS organizations; this work will examine topics of racism, homophobia, relationships and the HIV/AIDS epidemic. 

The g[R]ay Boi will be performed  in a life-sized constructed maze to provide a multi-dimensional experience by encouraging migration and audience activation through interactive multi-media imagery and choreography. The work will be set to an original score by collaborator and sound engineer, Colin Harden. This work premiered at The B-Complex in May 2018.

The production of The g[R]ay Boi is supported by The City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs, Fulton County Arts Council, AID Atlanta, SPARKrj NOW, The Lucky Penny and MPOWER.